• The Two Year Old

  • Basic Trust Child Care in Northern Kentucky offers the best two year old child care. Come in today to get a tour of our facility to see for yourself.

  • Two Year Old Child Care Northern Kentucky

    Two by two…that is how parallel play begins! The beginning of social development between children starts small and works up. Our twos enjoy the benefit of short large group instruction through music and song. But most of their day is spent in small group or even individual play and instruction. Art work of the two year old is rough but meaningful all the same! Every piece is worthy of even the BEST refrigerator or office wall.

    Large motor development is a given as our two seem ever in motion. They LOVE the spacious natural setting of our play grounds! Our motor room serves as a great place for rainy or snowy day play. Our two’s also have the benefit of the *Pinnacle curriculum. It’s focus being on positive social interaction, language development, promoting independence and strong self image in each of our two year olds. Our days are full, they are FUN and they are the stepping stone for readiness for our pre-school department.