• The Three Year Old Pre-School

  • Basic Trust Chld Care offers three year old preschool for kids in Northern Kentucky.

  • Three Year Old Child Care in Northern Kentucky

    This is where the fun begins! Three’s as you may know, ask a lot of interesting questions? All we can say to that is “we have a lot of wonderful answers!” Our threes are learning “how to learn.” How to take turns, how to follow simple directions, how to share and certainly how much fun and information the world around them has to offer! They take things apart much better than they put them together, but then that is the biggest part of learning. We sing together, dance together, listen to stories and eat together….we are learning to function as a larger than self group. The *Pinnacle Curriculum offers so many wonderful opportunities for our three year olds to gain knowledge, develop readiness skills for future learning and prepare those wonderful minds and bodies for fun filled, learning packed adventure! Ready, set…let’s get ready to learn!