• The Four Year Old Preschool

  • Family-owned and operated preschool and Summer Camp Program located in Northern Kentucky. Basic Trust Child Care has been in in Alexandria since 1980.

  • “Working our way to Kindergarten one incredibly fun day at a time!” How many ways can I say I LOVE this age! This group finds the world a happy, marvelous place to be…”most days.” They are so grown up one minute and so needy the next. They are the best of both worlds when it comes to teaching pre-school! They are full of hugs but have a strong need for independence as well!

    We begin do develop longer periods of listening and learning at this point. Through thematic learning and hands-on centers our four year old’s explore and develop the skills they will need to be successful kindergarten students the following year.

    We have two groups of fours…those who are chomping at the bit for a challenge in the classroom “called K4”. They have the advantage of curriculum’s such as Christ Centered Phonics, Saxon Math, Abeka Science and the *Pinnacle as well. It is a rich learning environment that will make them fall in love with the process of “learning.” The traditional four year old classroom shares these curriculums but at a more relaxed pace. Many of these children fall into a birth month that will require two years of pre-school. They have plenty of time to develop those needed skills so we move alittle slower. Great for the first time pre-schooler! Art, Motor, Music, Drama, Spanish for LIttle People, History and Geography, Bible, and MORE!!!! Come join us for a fun filled year of learning!