• Basic Trust Child Care Facility

  • Basic Trust Child Care provides top quality child care in Northern Kentucky. Our goal at Basic trust is to create and provide programs that embodies the Love of Christ. Programs that nurture and care for the children entrusted to us in such a way that they in-turn learn to love and care for others.

  • Basic Trust Child Development

    High atop the hills in Alexandria Basic Trust boasts 18 acres of pastures and wooded play space. Our outdoor facility is truly one of a kind in that it has lots of green space! The kids LOVE our miniature water slide, our sandcastle with moat, Fort Apache for climbing and hiding, peddling along our pre-school sized bike trail, swinging in the woods and a pirate ship for lots of creative play! Winter is just as fun as our hills turn into snowy slopes for sledding and the occasional snowball fight!

    Indoors our classrooms create an atmosphere of order and predictability in a world that often seems chaotic. We boast both large and small classrooms. Those that best suit the needs of the age group served. Classrooms are led by teachers who range from certified to CDA credentialed. Our teachers use the *Pinnacle at the base of their curriculum which is a Christ Centered program. Our children learn to pray over meals, sing songs that warm the hearts of even the angelic host and practice daily social skills as they learn to treat their friends with compassion and love.

  • Our areas are large and divided so that any one group can play and explore there safely. The entire area is fenced and tree lines provide visual boundaries that kids need at this age. Our “bunny cage” provides entertainment and evokes smiles as the children visit at their will. We DO get dirty and we DO get wet….sometimes it’s water play in warmer weather, sometimes it’s SNOW from a day of outdoor winter play. Our play space is like nothing you have ever seen outside of a park! Stop by and see for yourself!